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In a world where the land outside cities is barren and toxic, those with the capabilities to warp between them are in heavy demand.

You play as Hilde and together with your trusty tech wizard Comms, you need to prepare for various contracts by visiting the slums and acquiring the gadgets you'll need for the task at hand.

Slum Runner is sort of like a puzzle Pac-Man, where you must figure out the most efficient route to your items, the best order to get them, then run through the alleyways avoiding guards & LAZERS to reach the Exit.

There are 8 Missions for you to complete, getting particularly devious around Mission 4!

How to Play

LEFT ARROW - Turn Anti-Clockwise (or Counter Clockwise for y'all Americans)

RIGHT ARROW - Turn Clockwise

Use the SPACE bar to speed through dialogue.


Has some bad language.

Install instructions

Open the EXE.


SlumRunners.exe 10 MB

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